Paul Pedro wins the Fed from Jamestown 2
Gould & Daughter win Fed from Noupoort 2
Gomes Loft wins Fed Derby from Noupoort 1
JJ&DP de Beer win Fed from Springfontein 2
Labuschagne J wins Fed from Springfontein 1
I&J Lofts wins Fed from Colesberg 2
Jose Ferreira wins Fed from Colesberg 1
Turf Pet TMC wins Fed from Aliwal North 2
M Erasmus Fed winner from Aliwal North 1
WL Nel & Famielie win Fed and Gauteng Combine 6 from Springfontein 2

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The TRPF have resolved to publish payout matrices for all of the money races for the future. This will comprise of two postings per race. The first being the proposed prize money payout against positions in the race and later when the official race result is published, the listing will reflect the resultant recipiants.

Baby Nomination Payout (Race 19)

R200 Ring Race Payout (Race 19)

Yearling National Payout (Race 19)

Noupoort Derby Payout (Race 23)

R200 Ring Race Payout (Race 27)

Open Special Payout (Race 29)

R200 Ring Race Payout (Race 32)

Championship Payout (Race 34)

Longest Race Payout (Race 37)

TRPF 2018 Knockout

TRPF and Around

FRANS PUTTERIE (October 1880 – May 1958) With the 2017 racing season completed, breeding done and Christmas and the...
The Chairman and Council of the TRPF want to acknowledge the Federation and Club in our very competitive Pigeon Racing...
  • M & G Vos
  • TrueFlight FHS Winburg 2
  • GomesLoftFHSWinburg 1
Well here we are at the end of another extremely successful TRPF pigeon racing season. This is due in part to two very...