If your Race Secretaries are good your Organisation is sound

Well here we are at the end of another extremely successful TRPF pigeon racing season. This is due in part to two very important and fundamental components to the organisational structure within the TRPF. The first being the management of the transport, it’s up keep, staffing, fuelling and general organisation. The second component is the Federation and Club Race Secretaries.
I have had the pleasure and privilege of working very closely with the Race Secretaries of the TRPF. You will not find a more dedicated group of individuals who, without exception are also really good pigeon fanciers in their own right, executing their Race Secretary duties with the same gusto.
When the pigeons have been trained, the pigeons have been entered into the races and the races have run culminating in individually downloaded member race data at the Club resulting in a printed Club result the job of the Race Secretaries is not nearly finished. The consolidated Club results have to be uploaded to a server in Cape Town where this process is fraught with all sorts of problems. Apart from the weekly race setup and configuration of the club system and before any data can be up loaded to produce the “TRPF Provisional Result” they have to contend with corrupt files, over extended and slow file servers and load shedding in the upload process.
To validate the “TRPF Provisional Result” the Race Secretaries are now called to upload the electronic race results and have the hard copy race sheets delivered to Marie van Niekerk the TRPF Race Secretary as quickly as possible so that a “TRPF Final Race Result” may be published on Tuesday of every week.
Let’s talk about the class and quality of this group of individuals  and consider their performance in the last two years. Leading this pack is South Westerns Carl Cherry, who not only won three Feds this year but he won Richmond 1 and 2 on the same day. This has only been achieved 11 times in the history of the TRPF. Next is Jannie de Beer of that exceptional club RRPC, who won two Feds this year. Other Race Secretaries winning Feds this year were Shaun van Heerden of Pedro & van Heerden from ERPC, Beatrix de Kok of Koos & Formyn de Kok from AHS, Hannes Grove of Grove Hokke from BOKSS, Clive Botes of Coetzee & Botes from APV and finally Tony Holmes of EWDK. In summary they won 10 Feds, 47 Divisions and one 103 Clubs.
On behalf of the fanciers of the TRPF, we acknowledge and thank you for another year of support and dedication to the functioning of our amazing sport.